Yutong Products Advantages

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1. Yutong production of anti-theft seals easy to use, and high strength. The use of the field is very extensive, in the process of processing production, anti-theft seal material strength, adhesion performance is strong. Seals in the use of the process, is by the special sealing personnel to carry out the operation, so the security can also be very strong. The operation of the sealing process is very simple, and the Packer can complete the whole process by a few steps and reduce the trouble of complicated operation.
2. Yutong production of anti-theft seal of the appearance of exquisite generosity, you can freely bend. Compared with other locks, anti-theft seals are not only very safe, but also the appearance of the exquisite smooth. In the face of different packaging, anti-theft seals can freely bend the application of seal, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of seals, for different packaging, staff no longer need to choose different types of locks locked, a security seal can solve a lot of problems. The production of a good anti-theft seal is not only very convenient to use, but also very corrosion-resistant seals.
meter seal
3. For example, the traditional seals by seals on the serial number or logo to distinguish authenticity, Yutong not only has the traditional common seal also has electronic seals, electronic seal Identification code is in the semiconductor chip fabrication and through the process of laser Miche implementation, the use of RFID Radio frequency identification technology innovation products, passive explosion-proof, Each seal corresponds to the world's only RFID chip number, the only global serial number, the only encryption serial number, imitation difficult, electronic seals of the data and frequency can be edited and set by themselves, wireless intelligent mobile terminals, not only to achieve automatic terminal equipment to obtain the data in the electronic tag on the container, In meter water meters can be realized automatically reading data and meter. This has fundamentally eliminated the counterfeiting of outlaws.
4. Yutong's greatest advantage is that according to customer demand for customized products required, targeted, professional strong.