Shandong Yutong Seal Co., Ltd.

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Yutong Products Advantages
Yutong production of anti-theft seals easy to use, and high strength. The use of the field is very extensive, in the process of processing production,
The business license of Shandong Yutong Commercial
Shandong Yutong Commercial Trading Co., Ltd.was registered in March 30, 2016, registered capital of three Bai Wu Ba million Yuan Whole.
The common questions and answers
We are a leading manufacturer and trading company. We have a professional in China for ten years in the field of safety seals.
À propos de nous
Shandong Yutong Seal Co., Ltd. est situé à Dezhou, province du Shandong, en Chine. Nous sommes un fabricant et exportateur de produits dans le domaine des joints de sécurité, tels que les joints en plastique, les joints de boulons, les joints de câbles, les joints d'instrumentation et autres joints de sécurité haute, largement utilisés dans un large éventail d'industries.
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Chine (continentale) Shandong Jinan High-Tech zone Wanda Bureau J2-503/504